Farmhouse History

Our guests frequently ask us about the Poltehof farmhouse history. Because we are proud of the historical progress of our family-run farmhouse, we have collected some of our historical data to share with you. The complete historical information is available to you in our guest-folder, which is awaiting you in your room or apartment. Enjoy learning more about our Poltehof's rich history!





According to inscriptions on beams found in the Poltehof farmhouse building, parts of the building were erected in 1613. 




Augustin Illmer Senior took over the Poltehof farm from his father.



1971 ehre  

Due to a neighbour moving, property became available allowing building work to be done to the Poltehof annex.

  ehre 1972

Due to the newly gained expansion of the land, it was possible for Augustin Senior to rebuild the old building and erect a new living quarter, the south-wing of the Poltehof. This new building marks the beginning of the Poltehof's role in welcoming guests to the charming village of Fiss. The guesthouse included 7 double rooms, all including a shower and lavatory, which was a highly modern standard for its time.



1985 ehre  

The old building owned by an aunty was rebuilt and the Poltehof was expanded. This area is the modern Poltehof's west-wing. The building created further accommodation for guests, as well as a private flat on the ground floor.

  ehre 1986

A branch of the Volksbank moved into the ground floor shopfront. The bank is still in this location to this day.

1999 ehre  

Augustin Illmer Junior took over the running of the farm.

  ehre 1999

A part of the attic space was rebuilt, and a sauna was created exclusively for guests to enjoy.

2005 ehre  

The attic of the northern-wing of the Poltehof was completely remodelled and 4 new units were created. At this time, the Poltehof offered 6 double bedrooms and 8 apartments.



  ehre 2009

A local business next to the butcher's on the ground floor was closed down allowing us the opportunity to further expand and create a modern and spacious breakfast room to accommodate our guests.


fruehstueck poltehof fiss

2012 ehre  

The neighbouring cafe no longer used their back garden offering the Poltehof a fantastic opportunity to create a lovely garden-space for guests of the Poltehof. The garden ensures ample space for children to play and have fun in the fresh air. The relaxation-areas are perfectly suited for some time to rest and unwind, read a book, and just relax while the children play nearby.


poltehof garten

  ehre 2015

Due to the limited space available in the village centre, the stables of the Poltehof farmhouse were moved to the outskirts of the village. By moving the location, we were able to build spacious and modern stables to accommodate all our animals and meet the newest standards. Our animals are kept in open stables to allow them to move about freely. There is a door leading to an open area where the animals can move about outside, which is also possible during the winter months. There are fields for the animals to graze situated right next to the stables.

Today, we accommodate 4 Grauvieh cows, 4 female calves, male calves, 4 Tyrolean Haflinger horses, as well as 2 ponies at our modern stables.

In addition, there are bunnies, guinea pigs, and cats living here with us.


bauernhof poltehof fiss

2018 ehre  

Due to the relocation of our stables, we were able to tear down the old stables and erect a new building. The new build established the new heart of the Poltehof, the central building and the brand-new wellness area.

The rebuild has allowed us to create 4 further apartments and 2 double bedrooms. In addition, a spacious new lobby and reception is now the new place for us to welcome our guests to the Poltehof. All guests carrying heavy luggage or heavy feet after an exciting day spent skiing or hiking can take advantage of the lifts back up to their rooms.


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